100 Point Checkover

Including the 20,000 mile service prior to delivery

Primary Check  

  • Check Operation of all Lights
  • Check Heater Controls
  • Check A/C Controls
  • Check operation of all Seat Belts
  • Check condition of all Tyres
  • Check operation of all Seats

Cooling System  

  • Check condition of all Coolant Hoses
  • Check condition of Coolant Hose Clips
  • Test Cooling System under pressure
  • Check condition of Radiator Cap

Braking System  

  • Check Condition of each Brake Calliper
  • Check Condition of Brake Pads in each Calliper
  • Check condition of all Brake Hoses
  • Check operation of Handbrake
  • Check Handbrake Pads

Braking System  

  • Check Gear Box level
  • Check condition of Gearbox Oil
  • Check for Gearbox Oil leaks


  • Check operation of Torque Converter
  • Check operation of both Rear Drive Shafts
  • Check condition of Front and Rear Wheel Bearings


  • Check condition of all Brake Pipes
  • Check condition of all Brake Discs
  • Check Accumulator Pressure
  • Check condition of Brake Reservoirs and clean
  • Check for leaks from Brake Reservoirs


  • Check strength of Antifreeze
  • Check Viscous Coupling Operation
  • Check Temp. Gauge operation
  • Check Coolant Warning Light working operation


  • OSF Tyre, NSF Tyre, NSR Tyre, OSR Tyre
  • Spare Tyre
  • Check operation of all Doors inside and outside
  • Check operation of all Windows
  • Check operation of Boot Lock and Remote Lock
  • Check operation of Alarm, Sat Nav and DVD Screens


  • Check Battery Terminals
  • Check Battery Condition
  • Check Battery Security


  • Check for Oil leaks from Engine
  • Check condition of Engine Mounts
  • Check condition of Sump Plug
  • Check and Tighten Tappet Covers
  • Check Condition of remaining Drive Belts


  • Check Steering Rack for leaks
  • Check Steering Pump for leaks
  • Check Power Steering operation
  • Check Power Steering Belts
  • Check condition of Steering Couplings

Air Conditioning  

  • Check A/C system for leaks
  • Check A/C Drive Belts
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